venerdì 27 aprile 2012

Tim Staffell’s blue and pink polka dot shirt

A few days ago I was reading the official biography of Queen by Jacky Gunn and Jim Jenkins when I stumbled over the authors dealing with a Tim Staffell’s blue and pink polka dot shirt. The most of you may know that I love this kind of stuff, I mean, strange and extravagant clothes, and that I’ve always loved what they say about Tim’s charming way to dress and act (well, maybe it’s only a legend, we don’t have lots of evidence, but I’m really in love with it).
So when I read it I said to myself: «I need to see that.»
It was only yesterday that I realized I’ve seen the above shirt a million time, since he wore it during the competition at the Top Rank Club in Croydon. It’s such a pity we haven’t got colored photos of that night.
This is all I could find:



Well, I suppose every single fan of Queen have seen these photos a million times. Why not another one? We’re talking about 1984, in image n. 1 you can see (from left to right) Tim Staffell (I think you could recognize him from the shirt ihih), Dave Dilloway, Richard Thompson, John Garnham and of course Brian May.
Do you think Tim has thrown his shirt away? Maybe one day I’ll meet him and beg/implore/supplicate to have it. Well, let's hope ;-)
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