giovedì 31 maggio 2012

One vision documentary, Queen, gifs.

Ok, I'm leaving tomorrow and I'll be in London until 5th of June.
Before my departure I would like to share some gifs from the Documentary of One Vision :D
So funny!
Ah, and, of course, I changed my avatar... why can't I use a gif? Shit! I think there's Midori behind this all u_u
Take care,

2 commenti:

  1. Frrrrrrr :3 you must accept the truth. The horrible truth. Muahahah!
    Bon voyage, mummy :*

  2. Hola! May's giffs are so cute...
    I hope you'll have fun in London! Take a look also for me!
    (non so se ho scritto cose sensate...sono stanca e se ho fatto qualche errore è per quello)
    See you soon!!!
    With love, A.H.