giovedì 7 giugno 2012

Catherine's 'Valley of Tears' Queen's London 2012 Live Tour.

Hi everybody, then, I came back.
It's pretty strange living again in Italy now, every time I get used to the English way of life in such a short time!
I was in London during the celebration of the Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee, so the city was a jungle.

Can you recognize Brian and Anita? :) So nice to see them together <3 It's unfair that I was all the time around BP and I couldn't see them :(
Anyway, let's show what I've seen.
To begin I went to the Imperial College, well, you know, Brian May studied there. Smile often played there. It's a strange feeling...

Then we went to Garden Lodge. Please, don't let me talk about it, I don't wanna burst into tears again :( I'm sorry for the bad quality of the pics, but my camera doesn't wanto to wark, so I had to take all the pictures with my sister's mobile phone.


Last, but of course not the least. Dominion Theatre. OMG I exit the underground station and I saw this.

Well, the posters are everywhere, I mean, along the underground passages, on the walls of Victoria's Stations, on the taxies! 

It was a great experience, even though I cried almost everytime, and my sister named the trip the 'Valley of Tears' London Tour.
Hope you'll have the possibility to see everything I mentioned with your own eyes :)

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  1. Here I am (can I say 'to break your balls again'? XD)!
    Well, well, we all know it, it's not my or your fault if London is the most beautiful city in the world. <3
    But, omg, Brian was REALLY there! I didn't see him when I saw the news about the Jubilee o_o I'm blind, what a beautiful thing.
    Well, if you cried when you saw all those fabulous things, I'll die drowned by my tears. Imperial College forever in our hearts. <3
    I hope to visit London, some day one day.
    P.S.: i've missed you so much <3